"Let´s dance" exchange week in GLASGOW

All European exchange groups visited Glasgow from 17th – 21st October to take part in daily workshops led by the Artistic Leaders from each country: Kelly Shearer (Scotland), Trini Castillo Roldan (Spain), Carmen Vilches (Spain), Wilfried Van Poppel (Germany) and Grietine Molenbuur (Netherlands).  Each artist worked with the dancers to create and develop movement based on the theme of “Migration” and “Hiraeth” which loosely translated from Welsh means “a deep, spiritual homesickness”.

Scotland started the week using a text-based creative task to create solos which then developed into duets and eventually quartets. This was followed by the Spanish groups who used an immersive task to allow participants to feel what it may be like to be a refugee in a new country, the second part of the day was used to teach choreography created by Trini Castillo and her dancers.  Next, Holland delivered repertoire from their piece using chairs and the last workshop was delivered by the German group who used various creative tasks including the creation of a physical “travel guide” from each country.


The week was finished with a traditional Scottish Ceilidh led by the Glasgow team, participants learned some traditional Scottish dance then practiced each with an abundance of energy and fun!

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