five days to dance

School Projects

The development and implementation of school projects with the aim to bring young people in contact with contemporary dance and dance theater , and also with modern music and modern art . A form of active cultural – education / participation .

As a positive side effect of these projects is the collaboration of students in large groups , taking personal responsibility and the associated joint responsibility.

The students are forced, in a positive way, to work together, dance together and react to each other.

During the project week, the artistic process is the key process. The school project weeks contribute positively to the atmosphere of the school with understanding and respect for each other.

Recent Projects

Five Days to Dance project in San Sebastian, Spain

From January 27th until January 31st Amaya and Wilfried have been in San Sebastian, Spain to work /...


making of “five days to dance”

This are some of the “making of” fotos from the documentary film “Five days to...


“move 2 gether” in Oyten, Germany

KURZER ENGL.TEXT statt: 180 Schüler setzten sich für die Rechte Minderjähriger ein /...


Video "Dance with us"

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