Acclaimed HUMAN youth dance premiere in Brussels, 24. October 2021

Astonished and thankful, the 60 young people from Brussels-Molenbeek received the enthusiastic applause and standing ovations in the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels. They had really outdone themselves with their performance and no one - not even they themselves - had thought they would be able to put on such an impressive, intense, touching HUMAN performance. "Communuty Part" in Brussels

Sammy Mahdi, Belgian State Secretary for Asylum and Migration and patron of the HUMAN performance in Brussels, was enthusiastic and touched when he shouted out to the young people in a spontaneous speech on stage: “Never in your life let yourself be told that you can’t do it or that you won’t get there. Our Brussels youth is bursting with talent. What we saw tonight is proof of that. And yet we have only a fraction of what you have seen in your march and this is only a fraction of what you can achieve in life. Know that there will always be people who do believe in you and who will give you opportunities – regardless of prejudices about nationality, skin color or faith.”

The HUMAN youth dance premiere in Brussels was organised by the Imelda Instituut and financially supported by the musica innova e.V. association. The HUMAN cultural project is to be continued in Brussels over the next two years.

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